The Converged Security Solutions portfolio of services represents our systemic, end-to-end approach when helping customers optimize their security posture. Through its family of security experts – including the staffs of Evolver, and eVigilant – CSS designs solutions that address security holistically, balancing the latest developments in cyber with the deep experience needed to protect physical assets.


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Evolver’s services help you evaluate your current security posture. All organizations in the modern security era have blind spots that need to be addressed. Evolver expert assessments help provide a full view of each organization’s unique security environment. Our compliance and governance services help ensure systems will stand up to audit scrutiny. Risk quantification prepares your organization with security plans that account for ROI on security programs. The assessment phase of the security life-cycle represents an important moment when evolving your security strategy to enter the modern arena.

Audits and Assessments

Security Assessments
We review your cybersecurity policies, procedures, and documentation to identify areas of risk and provide recommendations that align your cybersecurity needs with your business objectives. This helps you reach a more secure environment and also identifies where to focus your security spend.
Penetration Testing
Evolver’s cybersecurity subject matter experts and senior level security specialists have provided federal and commercial expertise in the areas of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing activities using a broad range of tools and methodologies with an emphasis on NIST 800-53A and the Risk Management Framework.
Information Governance & Compliance
To meet business and regulatory needs, organizations invest in enterprise software to manage policies, processes, and risks via one central platform. Evolver provides the technical implementation, management, and support of these various security, governance, and compliance platforms through partners such as RSA and CyberOne. In addition, since threats and business objectives continuously change, we meet these changing needs.
Regulation Readiness
As organizations worldwide continue to manage more and more data, the focus must change to protect privacy and avoid breaches. Evolver is active at every level of regulation and can assist in preparing organizations for compliance. From CISO Support as a Service, to Assessments, and even going down the checklist of what is required, we are able to offer guidance and experience in your path to compliance.

Managed Services

Threat Vulnerability
Evolver provides threat and vulnerability analysis to clients on a daily basis. We have the knowledge, experience, and relationships to continuously monitor broad vulnerabilities to highly specific market items such as reported in FS-ISAC, such as Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).
Social Media Security Screening
Evolver offers social media security screening as a service to commercial organizations, federal agencies, and to law firms. Our data scientists leverage industry best practices, data collection, and artificial intelligence-based analysis so we are able to analyze current account profiles and content. The screening service can help protect organizations from targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data exfiltration, brand hijacking, and location-based threats.
CISO Support as a Service
Evolver works with clients to develop the appropriate policies, controls, measurement, and monitoring that fit the business size and risk to their business and then works with the clients to implement, measure, and improve their security programs.
Security Information Event Management
Evolver provides a broad range of support for administration, management, and configuration of security tools, systems, servers and sensors, and provides recommendations for upgrades, replacements, enhancements, and performance tuning. Our senior level information security experts review network and system security design and architecture to ensure that security devices are maintained and perform at the level required to support each client’s risk mitigation strategy.

IT and Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Design & Management
Evolver designs and plans IT infrastructure to meet your near term needs and to fulfill your long term requirements. Our IT support experience includes large scale implementations for government agencies and highly critical infrastructure for financial trading firms. Evolver follows a disciplined architecture definition process consistent with industry best practices and, for Government clients, follows Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) guidelines.
NOC and SOC Creation
Evolver has extensive experience in the creation and operations of large scale Network Operation Centers (NOC) and Security Operations Centers (SOC). Our computer engineering experts select proper tools and controls that allow for the correct and rapid reaction to events occurring within the infrastructure. We provide accurate and meaningful situational awareness from both an operational and a network security point of view without overwhelming NOC and SOC operators.
Data Center Transformation
Evolver provides data center management services from analysis to data center migration. Evolver develops migration approaches after a decision has been made based on the unique and critical components of a system’s architecture. We support the full migration from the current infrastructure into a virtualized, highly flexible data center that can grow with the customer’s needs.
Infrastructure as Code
Evolver helps organizations move to Infrastructure as Code (IAC), where infrastructure is rapidly and repeatedly deployed automatically into a cloud environment.

Security Operations Centers (SOC)

SOC Operations
Evolver provides complete and effective SOC operations by providing staff who are intimately familiar with the treat, have in-depth knowledge of the tools and technology, can proactively guard against cyber attacks, and are able to minimize the damage when attacks do occur.
SOC Compliance Analysis
To meet business and regulatory needs, organizations invest in enterprise software to manage policies, processes, and risks via one central platform. Evolver provides the technical implementation, management, and support of these various security, governance, and compliance platforms through partners such as RSA and CyberOne. In addition, since threats and business objectives continuously change, we meet these changing needs.
Data Breach Incidence Response
We provide the technology to support your data breach/incident response plan. This can include auditing, testing, and monitoring. Evolver’s forensics capabilities originated from our work with large scale eDiscovery from the legal sector. We have been at the forefront of network and data analysis; our results stand up to the scrutiny of the legal system. The experience allows us to conduct detailed investigative activities that include initial penetration determination, data loss analysis, command and control source identification, and internal versus external threat evaluation. 

Legal Services and eDiscovery

eDiscovery Managed Services
Evolver’s foundation in infrastructure and cybersecurity provide the ideal environment for data security and eDiscovery. Our roots as a company are in supporting enterprise class and government scale clients with security operations centers, IT infrastructure, and risk management solutions. Our services span the spectrum, delivering as little or as much infrastructure, application, and eDiscovery support as you require.
Information Governance
Today’s organizations and their data are under intense scrutiny. Government regulators and courts expect organizations and shareholders to manage, protect, and track their data for many years. Organizations that lack well-defined information governance and security policies risk substantial costs, regulatory fines, and court sanctions.
Forensic Collection
Evolver conducts efficient, forensically sound data collection and investigations using a repeatable and defensible process. Our industry leading forensic collection tools give our team the ability to acquire data in an unobtrusive manner from a wide variety of devices, including smart phones, laptops, desktops, servers and the cloud.

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Physical Security

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When security lapses affecting employee safety and physical assets are identified, immediate and systemic action needs to be taken by dedicated experts. eVigilant’s security services are designed to incorporate the entire cycle of a security threat, from its threat source to its potential impact. Improvements are applied as part of an overall return-on-investment strategy, ensuring that the most pressing security vulnerabilities are addressed first. Physical security services don’t only focus on single technical endpoints, but on improving overall security designs and plans in need of a systemic upgrade.

Access Management and Monitoring

Access Control
eVigilant provides access control databases so that we can integrate physical access with logical access (i.e. Employees have to enter the front door using their access card in order to log onto their computer).
CCTV Surveillance
When designing a solution for our customers, eVigilant takes into consideration viewing ranges, lighting conditions, monitoring locations,
remote monitoring requirements and system integration needs. Camera services include IP, Mega Pixel, Night Vision, Infrared, and more. CCTV Systems include digital video recorders, network video recorders, matrix switches, and visual matrix switches.
Intrusion Detection
eVigilant can design, install and maintain an encrypted high security intrusion detection systems that complies with UL2050, DCID 6/9 and NISPOM. eVigilant is UL certified and able to issue UL certification for SCIF and other secured spaces. For these applications, we provide 128-bit encrypted signal to our UL listed monitoring center. Additionally, we can provide the monitoring service by cleared personnel.
24/7 Monitoring
eVigilant provides 24×7 UL2050 monitoring services for our Commercial and Govenment Customers. Our UL 2050 Listed central station is manned 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, to receive and respond to any alarm condition from your
Fiber Optic Infrastructure
We manage all your fiber Optic Infrasture installation and services needs. All of our certified structured cabling & fiber optic cabling technicians are skilled fiber optics network installers specializing in wire additions, fiber optic installation, patch panel terminations, cat 6 wiring, OSP installations, and more.
Mass Notifications & Life Safety
When seconds count, the most efficient and effective way to respond to a situation is via voice communication, either person-to-person or via mass notification. Mass notification solutions are designed to protect, alert and inform people of exactly what to do before, during and after a disaster. eVigilant can develop the best value solution.

Systems Operations

Network Infrastructure
he rapid emergence of new technology and methods for the cyber criminals makes it critical to ensure you are properly protected and informed. eVigilant’s team of highly skilled security engineers take a holistic approach to helping reduce the overall security risk posture of your network and intellectual assets that are on it. We provide end-to-end solutions that help ensure security is considered early in your system acquisition life cycle, from helping educate and train you on assessing and mitigating risks associated with your online transactions, identifying existing security vulnerabilities and helping bridge them, and building or enhancing your networking back-bone that drives your business applications so that it runs efficiently.
Project & Program Management
eVigilant Systems has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals that can help you manage your most important security projects, and ensure they are delivered on time, within the budget and the scope. We help you deliver your project right the first time, saving you costs! We are experts at helping mitigate and manage risks. We strive to ensure effective knowledge transfer occurs on all our engagements. If project failure is not an option, entrust it with us. Make us a part of your team. The key to our success is our pro-active approach.
Identity & Credential Management
eVigilant can help clients implement the Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) and HSPD-12 guidelines. eVigilant is a leader in helping integrate physical access control systems (PACS) with logical access control solutions (LACS) that enable use of smart ID cards to effectively control access to both building facilities and IT systems. We have proven solutions for derived PIV solutions to support e-authentication, encryption, and e-signature requirements.
API Gateway Security
eVigilant, the leader in security services, offers its API Security Audit to help its customers gain a clearer understanding of their risks and remediation opportunities. This 1 day API Security Audit is designed to enhance enterprise threat awareness and vulnerabilities, along with remediation recommendations. eVigilant has innovative solutions to improve API security in any enterprise and help improve overall security posture of any enterprise network.

Managed Services

Managed Access
eVigilant’s solution leverages the power of the internet to provide a secure and scalable solution to our customers. Our Software-AS-A-Service solution eliminates the need for dedicated servers, software installation, system administration, & IT hassles. The system is administered from the web browser from anywhere in the world.
CCTV Analytics
eVigilant provides on-site or Cloud based video security solution. Our solution is integrated with Access Control and Intrusion detection. When an alarm or alert is detected with system will send system will send the alert with the corresponding CCTV video clip, this will allow you to prevent false alarms.
Remediation Plans
eVigilant Security has a proven and robust methodology for managing and executing on Projects. We have developed and fine-tuned our task order management processes to include: execution and control of multiple task orders, effective and proven communication techniques, efficient and effective issue and performance management.
Visitor Management Suite
Visitor Management Suite enhances your investment in access control & perimeter security by providing a simple & effective way to register, badge & track visitors. It gives you the ability to generate detailed visitor traffic reports & enforce visitor/contractor security policies.
UL2050 Monitoring Services
Our UL 2050 Listed central station is manned 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, to receive and respond to any alarm condition from your system. Our Central Station Monitoring Services include intrusion alarms, fire and life safety alarms, sprinkler water flow management, elevator response, critical equipment and condition response, remote video services Internet monitoring, mesh network and cellemetry backup.
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management Service is a subscription service that combines people, process, and technology to deliver an effective vulnerability management program, including SaaS vulnerability assessment, scanning of internal external-facing IT assets, notifications, remediationg uidance, risk analysis, and compliance reporting.

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