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Case Study: Risk Quantification Prioritizes Action Items For Consumer Product Company

May 1, 2019


Quantitative risk analysis disproves qualitative analysis results


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Consumer product



A qualitative risk analysis performed by an external auditor provided the client with their top five cyber risks. The client, being familiar with quantitative risk analysis, desired a second analysis to see if the results of the qualitative analysis accurately represented the company’s top five areas of concern.



CSS generated the company’s top five cyber risks from a quantitative perspective to compare them with the previously named threats in order to identify areas requiring the greatest focus.



» Gained an understanding of which threats were of greatest concern

» Assured their intellectual property risk was being managed

» Avoided unnecessary spending and ensured effective allocation of resources in other areas

» Allowed client to expose senior leadership to the benefits of risk quantification


Successful Risk Quantification Highlights

» Used the top five risks as determined by the qualitative analysis including loss of intellectual property, loss of PII, and loss of DNS

» Completed a risk quantification and FAIR analysis to measure the potential impact of each

» Provided a report to compare qualitative and quantitative risk assessment results

» Discovered that not all five initial threats from the qualitative report were of concern and informed the client of which ones were based on the quantitative report findings


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